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The ghost of prohibition lives on far past its repeal. “Whiskey Cove” is a novel set decades after the Prohibition era, as Denise Frisino crafts a story of Alexandria, a veteran of those runs between Canada and Washington state smuggling whiskey. Years later, Alex hires an unsuspecting college student to do her gardening, but her true motive is the drive to find the one piece of evidence that will clear her husband’s name. “Whiskey Cove” is an original read of the impact of the law in our lives and the thrill of the search.

–Midwest Book Review


Exciting, engrossing, a great read. Boy, would this make a terrific film

–John Dayton, Producer/Director/Writer


Wonderful touches of local history. Suspenseful with great characters

–Barbara McKeon, Librarian


Whiskey Cove fascinated me with insights into Northwest history and the role women played in rum running during Prohibition.

–Barbara Mullen


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